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The reaction to Friday’s violent attack in a part of a neighborhood considered somewhat safe. The Hill, which writes:

Many, including irritating and trolling commenters on local blogs, will say we need to remember we live in a city, in a neighborhood that was seen as anything but safe less than 20 years ago. While those comments are spot on, this is the sort of thing comes as a kick in the gut because of its randomness; because it is so severe that there’s hardly a way one can place blame or put any sort of responsibility on the victim –much less give the tired advice, ‘beware of your surroundings.’ TC was walking home from a favorite neighborhood dive, not far from his home, in a well-lit area. Walking home to the ones he loves: just like you and I do every day.

Mom-In-A-Million writes about the latest idiot (guess) who wants be in Congress. Her post starts: It’s time to clean house. Not my house. Not your house. The Houses of Congress and Statehouses and Governor’s Mansions. We need to get rid of any and all elected officials who don’t get that women are autonomous.

Neighborhood mailing lists are primal in DC. In many neighborhoods they eclipse newspapers, blogs and most other forms of communication in getting the message out. They can be combative, angry, generous and even loving. Seldom are they apologetic, but that’s what happened here. Left for LeDroit.

A request for a $1 turns full circle on the Metro. Bad Mommy Moments.

Racial segregation of the college educated, a guide and an argument at R.U. Seriousing Me?.

The Cuisine Queen goes to dinner, with camera, at 1789.

Not DC, just nice, Hex Message shares Spring and Summer 2012, iPhone Outtakes.



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