DC Blogs Noted

Location, Location, Location Delilah Boyd A story of a house that’s in one of the “best locations in DC” and whose neighbors include a Supreme Court justice and a former House speaker. But there are issues. An excerpt:

… the house next door has caused me to keep my front door locked at all times: realtors and prospective buyers have actually walked into my living room and insisted that my house is the one for sale. They’re really disappointed to learn that it’s actually the house next door.

Also Noted The secret of police protection in DC: currently we are not seeing enough police in this neighborhood. i know what the problem is, motivation…there are not enough young short skirted women living around here to provide incentive eye candy for police patrolling. From Hear and Now.

The just released portrait of bloggers assembled by the Pew Internet & American Life Project claims women make up 46% of the bloggers, and men 54%. But among DC bloggers, the reverse is probably true. The Pew study also claims that 64% of bloggers “say the reason they blog is to share practical knowledge or skills with others.” Wine bloggers aren’t covered at all, points out Winesmith. He summarizes some of study’s key points and offers a link. Segway rant and fashion tips at tiaras optional, in a post title: I’m Back and I’m Hotter Than Ever. An original analysis on why we tip bartenders and not the talented barista who serves the morning brew. Good at Drinking, Bad at Life, explains: The reason? Supply and Demand. Petworth News has the latest neighborhood sale prices, and points out that that this time last year there were 25-30 listings, now there’s more than 80 houses on the market. Flickr coloring contest, details at The Dumping Ground Technology rant: Hissing toilet at Wanderings in DC.