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The fire starts as a minor annoyance but quickly turns into a pulse pounding mini production of Backdraft, reports i hate kit kats. Excerpt: The stove was not just on fire, but near explosion, the smoke alarm was beeping incessantly, and the smoke was so thick that I could barely see whether the thing I was stepping on was Winston or another discarded towel.

Our emerging theocracy is described in Same-Sex and Guiding Principles by Countersignature. This post came recommended by Washington Cube and Reya, who wrote this about it: It’s deep, such a pleasure to read something this penetrating that isn’t about dating. His first day on the job as a chef and there is a little slip of the knife. From Deglazed. Planning on law school? Here’s some advice from someone waiting for his bar exam results. Excerpt: Just don’t talk in class: everyone will hate you. From Lawsomnia. Circle V has assembled an extensive and exhaustive list of hipster characteristics.