DC Blogs Noted

Streetamatic. Very nice collection of people photos.

Cab drivers and restrooms and other disasters. Herb of DC.

America’s first “Missing Drone” flier, perhaps, posted in DC. Lawfare.

It isn’t always easy being cool in Clarendon. Brad Kanus, who writes: If you’re from an upper middle class family and have maintained that status out of college, Clarendon is your place to be. Just look at me – I’m the quintessential Clarendon person to the point of being the mascot for the entire movement/community.

Edith’s Cool, Calm and Collected U Street Apartment. Apartment Therapy. Many photos of this well decorated apartment.

Because we can never get enough cute dog photos: Layla. Washington Humane Society blog.

The headline says it all: Yet Another Pret A Manger Coming Soon To Downtown. Penn Quarter Living.



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