DC Blogs Noted

The writer of the blog Uncomfortable Moments tells of her trip to a local shooting range. Excerpt:

Did you know that shooting a gun is so commonplace and accessible in America that there are Groupons for it? I didn’t, until my sister gave Sir UncMo one as a gift for his birthday: a shooting range experience for two, value $123, for just $45.

An Engineer in DC has been sick with fever but still manages to read a book. The book is by Michael Grunwald, “The New New Deal,” and it “boiled my blood far more than the fever could.

The Law Blog writer goes out with his co-workers, and writes: I suggested Jack Rose. In retrospect, it was a ballsy move for a not-yet associate to steer the entire group but it paid off. The bar features a huge whiskey list, good beer, and a fun atmosphere. The highlight was definitely buying a partner a manhattan and praying she liked it. Luckily she did, and now I feel like she is barred from being mean to me for my first six months.

The Green Fairy finds out about the canimals at Eastern Market.

Volunteers are sought for the DC State Fair.



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