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In real estate news, Urban Turf reports: Logan Circle’s unique carriage house sells at $160,000 above asking. Very cool roof deck.

Marathon’s Mistress takes a tumble during a run, a fall that seems to unleash something else. Excerpt: A guy who must have been running behind me stopped to see if I was alright. “Are you okay?” he asked alarmed and concerned. “Just go,” I snapped, almost with contempt. “I’m fine. I’m fine. Keep going.” And then instantly, in addition to feeling hurt and embarassed, I also felt like a shit head. I’d been unnecessarily mean and short with a stranger who simply stopped to assist me.

“That’s an old movie”: Mayor Williams defends changing city. Greater Greater Washington.

Puppy killer pleads guilty. Frozen Tropics. (Editor’s note: Picture may be disturbing to some.)

Greyhound and Peter Pan bus lines relocate to Union Station. Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space.

Toki Underground gets a visit from Eat Run Read, with photos.



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