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Starting this edition of the round-up with a show and tell. You know how Washington people are a little different. It’s always been so according to this 1905 postcard of Thomas Circle. It is a double-wide, panoramic postcard, and because it’s so large we can only show part of it, the part with the message. To see the full postcard, please go here and click on the image. But what’s interesting about the postcard is the message written on it: “I am at home here. I remember what you told me not long ago but I’ve found company for there are more mushy people in this city than I ever saw before. Signed Geo.” So there you have it: Washington people have been a little different for at least the last 107 years.

The “blog” of “unnecessary quotation” marks. Love “this.”

Sassy Marmalade says that apartment hunting is exactly like dating.

How the GOP will react after Romney’s defeat. Not Enough Tequila In The World.

Lemon Gloria tells us that: At Target the other day, I passed a shelf of Always Radiant Maxi Pads. Which gave me pause. Radiant. Maxi pads. Radiant.

Unsuck DC Metro shares the response they got from Metro’s PR team, in the post: Do not question Metro.



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