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Where Can I Get A Bucket to Kick? Washington D.C. Daybook The writer of this blog, known as Washington Cube, is blogospheric – there’s no other word that quite captures her expansive range and eclectic interests. Her topics include Cocktail Of The Week, movie reviews, and very immaginative cultural critiques. In particular, check out this take on the cartoon strip character Mary Worth — they run over a number of posts: June 22, June 27, July 11, July 20.

In Cube’s most recent post, she writes about a difficult task facing her this weekend: writing an obituary.

I don’t want to do it, but how on earth do I get out of something like this, other than leaving the earth myself? “Gee…I’d really love to help you, but $4 Happy Hour?”

(Private, secret note to Cube: Thanks for your note on DCist. For the record, I discovered it after I completed this highlight of your wonderful work!)

Secret Simmerings and Shameful Scandals of the Singular Smash Smash and her date are at the Dupont Circle Metro when a shoeless man approaches in a talkative mood. The conversation quickly turns to zoology. Big mistake.

Instead, I said, “Oh, yeah? I actually have a degree in zoology,” which, while technically true, is somewhat misleading in that my emphasis was human-based. I’m not sure why I said it. I was slightly uncomfortable with the conversation as it was and really had no wish to prolong it. Maybe I wanted my date to notice how kind and compassionate I am to less fortunate people. Nah, that doesn’t really sound like me, does it? Maybe I was a little tipsy from the Shirley Temple … Whatever my reason, the stinky man got REALLY excited.

A DC Birding Blog This blog is an excellent resource for birders. The post are well-written and researched by an obviously capable and experienced birder. This post, excerpted, gives you an idea of some of its strengths.

Not many birds were stirring. I heard one pileated woodpecker and saw a wood duck with three ducklings in the same place I have seen a wood duck family for the past three summers. More wood ducks awaited when I mounted the Chain Bridge and began looking down into the ponds. The land below the bridge presents lush green foliage contrasting with the deep grays of the ponds and rocks, with the dark brown ribbon of the Potomac coursing just beyond. Within the meadows, white-tailed deer browse. As often as I have seen them there, they still can be a startling sight when I see their heads sticking up out of the grasses. …

Dysfunctional DC Why Do We Tolerate DC Gov Abusing its Customers? Rob Halligan, who is on the Dupont ANC, has started a blog critical of the city’s administration. He describes his effort this way: I got active in DC government 3 years ago. We were only 3 years into the Williams administration and it seemed there was momentum to change the profoundly dysfunctional culture of most of the DC government. These posts will chronicle that continued dysfunctionality. One has to wonder what role blogs will play in next year’s DC mayoral contest. Halligan is trying to drum up some blogging activism. In one post:

….if 15 people or 50 people had blogs like this one – that were all linked – it would be a group in itself. The media wouldn’t have to call around to get stories, they would just read the blogs….

Call me cynical In Shaw The writer of this outstanding neighborhood blog takes note of mayoral canadidate and Councilman Orange’s planned visit to the Windows Café in ANC 5C03. When I first came to the Truxton part of Shaw 4 years ago, Orange didn’t really seem (to) acknowledge that this was in his Ward, writes In Shaw. … I see it less as a public servant embracing an accidentally forgotten Truxton and more of a politician getting his mayoral run in order ….. Metro Etiquette The Misadventures of a Mom This is a new blog by Chacha Dos, “a Single Mom, living in Maryland and working in Washington DC. All of these incidents are true, only the names and some distinguishing details have been changed to protect some of the idiots I run into.” She has penned a post on how to behave on the Metro.