DC Blogs Noted

Top Secret Blogger is Dooced Econo-Girl Econo-Girl was fired from her government contracting job at the CIA after she protested torture in a blog post published on Intelink, the intelligence community’s classified intranet. A top secret clearance is need to read Intelink. The Washington Post has a detailed report. Econo-girl is writing about her experience on her public blog. There were some 100 comments on the post by Sunday, many by anonymous writers. She explains why she wrote about torture at the CIA:

It was to be a public education campaign, of sorts. I was going to do the research on my own time and type in the results when I got to work. I never spent more than 15 minutes writing any of my posts.

What can I say? Waterboarding is torture, and torture is wrong.

Flown through the Air A Day in the Life of Me This was not a good day in the life of this writer. He’s hit by car while riding his motorcycle and ends up in a hospital, alone, visited by a police officer who issues him a summons. It starts:

I was preparing to make my exit onto the road, I check both ways and all seems clear. Next thing you know I feel and hear contact with another vehicle. At this point I’m not too sure what happened. I believe I was flown through the air.

Also Noted: So a guy parks his car on a Georgetown street. It’s a late model Acura, leather interior and he swipes the parking meter with a credit card. But he’s wearing ragged clothes and carrying a sign that says “homeless.” He didn’t care at all that I had seen it all and was still standing by his car, staring after him. I think he started whistling, writes Amalah. El Guapo is grateful for women but would like some help from God in understanding them.

The Woodley Park Metro elevator finally reopens, writes The Blogatron 2000. Excerpt: Thank you, WMATA, for a truly fine job of elevator rehab. You were right to ignore me when I tried to hurry you along over the past, umm, six months that you took with this project. Cloud Dining Lounge on Dupont Circle, photos and words by Small Picture.

Some of the people involved in corporate blogging will gather Tuesday July 25 for an afterwork event to mark Debbie Weil’s new book on blogging. It’s an open invite.