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Cobble Choo Not Included
Our writer is giving away, yes giving away, more than $300 in cosmetics. But there’s a catch: Help
our favorite Australian blogger reach her AIDS fund raising goal. She is very close and needs to complete the fundraising by Aug. 1, otherwise she will get booted from a marathon training team. Anyone who donates $10 or more will receive one entry to win some of the prizes babsied has assembled. It’s for a very good cause.

Wedding to Attend? Hit the Snooze
A snappy and fast-paced post about snooze buttons, procrastination and the kinds of sudden realizations you don’t want to have if you’re about to be late for a wedding. (Post came recommended by
I’m not short, I’m conveniently travel-sized.) Excerpt:

I speed down the road toward Bed Bath & Beyond, weaving and swerving through traffic. An old man is puttering ahead of me at the speed limit. I angrily honk my horn at him and then swerve around. He brakes in terror, which allows me to blast past him.

Also Noted:

A Guide to Going to Strip Clubs with your Wife or Girlfriend, as compiled by Lonnie Bruner. Washington Cube posted this comment: I thought this was excellent advice and shows you understand and appreciate the woman in your life.

five least favorite nightclubs.

Sitting in James Carville’s empty seats at the Nats game while worrying about arrested development, OxyMoron: Hipster Dork

Vegetables for Breakfast. A new blog by a writer who will write about vegetables she gets from a community agriculture project.