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Cast accident during Rocky Horror Show performance Saturday night. DC Theater Scene.

Great! So We’re All a Bunch of Whores. Mahoganie: Musings East of the Anacostia River

Saw Wreck-it-Ralph with a friend on Saturday. The lines at the Gallery Place theater were for Flight, but Wreck-It was very enjoyable, especially for someone who has an aversion to flight disaster movies. It’s a kid movie, but you’ll laugh at the jokes. DC Film Girl loved Wreck-It.

Streetamatic shows what Halloween looked like in Lower Manhattan. A really good collection of black and white photos. This site also records street life in Washington; just click on the tab to see.

If you are an avid photographer you may use critique groups. Eric Spiegel has used them as well, but has changed his mind about them. He writes: Why I Stopped Using Online Photography Critique Groups.



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