DC Blogs Noted

Hill Hotties 2006 The DCeiver The annual Hill Hotties edition is the All Star Game for DC’s T-Rex of Snark, the DCeiver, who, one again, spares no one and nothing in tearing up this annual navel worshipping extravaganza. From his intro:

Yes, it’s that time of year again — The Hill prepares their crapulent website for the additional visits, collars are popped and hair extensions slaved over in anticipation, and our fair city suffers the indignity of the rest of the world thinking that this is the best the entire metropolitan area has to offer.

Feeling Less than Hotties Round-Up DC Blogs Recovery Room Special Report Washington Cube has taken note of illnesses and accidents, from head to toe, among DC bloggers. The upper respiratory distress list includes: DC Pussycat Doll, Fictional Rockstar, Church of the Big Sky, who has also audio blogged in a raspy voice similar to that whiskey/cigarette voice of the later years of Lucille Ball, says Cube. A “Feel Good’ Production is less than, and documenting a broken toe with photo is Jordan Baker. Not least, there’s intestinal issues at Secret Simmerings. Time to alert the CDC? Also Noted: Love Finds a Way: Leon’s Broke Guide to Dating in DC. You can still have a life with very little money, if you know where to take your girlfriend, reports Yeah … I Said It. Whole Foods and the push for retail in Columbia Heights is destroying the personality of the neighborhood, writes Urban Bohemian. Excerpt: A lot of the gentrification seems fueled by the “new face” of the neighborhood, whites are moving in, blacks are moving out, mostly because they can’t afford to live there anymore.