DC Blogs Noted

DCist entry in the NY Post’s headline writing contest concerns CIA love nest story: Holly Petraeus “Not Exactly Pleased” With Idiot Husband’s Affair Or His Crazy Girlfriend.

A writer at BBB is getting older but is holding on to the single life, as are many of her generation. Excerpt: If you look at the norm in this city, most of us are not what prior generations were by the time they were in their thirties. Those of us slowly, but surely creeping towards forty appear to be a strikingly close resemblance to who we were in our early twenties. We’re having outrageous Sunday Fundays that leave us pounding pot after pot of coffee on Mondays. We’re renting out tiny, overpriced apartments just so we can live in trendy neighborhoods.

When you must absolutely blame something, blame Facebook. Awkward Sex and the City.

A wedding in DC. Photos by Tina Dela Rosa.

More advice for Republicans. Occam’s Razor.



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