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The City Stole My Car
Pop Pop Bang
It’s always been a “police emergency” for DC car owners. There’s aggressive enforcement of parking laws, automated camera enforcement traps, booting, and the city’s practice of “moving” vehicles from one street to another. Excerpt:

The first charming police officer she spoke to said they “moved” her car to the 2300 block of 16th street. Mandie understandably seemed puzzled by this, as 16th street is a main commuter route. If they had towed her car on a Tuesday, it couldn’t possibly still be there. But yes, it was there! The officer insisted!

Also see: Home Improvement Ninja: comparing a NYC cop to a DC cop is like comparing .357 Magnum to a water pistol. Rock Creek Rambler’s open letter to the car thieving community. And to wrap it up, the writer at Grammar Police was walking home Saturday when, he writes: someone fired a gun from a Volvo about a block from where I was standing.

Also Noted:

A woman on the Metro starts combing her hair and keeps combing, stop after stop after stop, oblivious to the increasing attention of her fellow passengers. A report by Philonoist: … About half the train has realized this, but Comb-Girl is too entranced with herself (she also hasn’t put down the little vanity mirror) to notice other passengers awed by this performance.

Hailing a cab by staring at it. DC Cab Rider watches some out-of-towners at work.

There are people who won’t take advantage of you, writes Salma of On The Beat about the kindness of strangers. This is a blog by a writer who is new the city and is discovering some of its joys. Also read the pastry shout-out, I Think I’m in Love

A rooftop view in Dupont. Photo by the Postmodern Conservative, who writes: The feel, from time to time, is all the benefits of London and none of the disadvantages.

New dinning in Anacostia, with photo, at Beyond the Mall.

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