DC Blogs Noted

Our local literary authority on mixed drinks takes you into the depths of the punch bowl. Washington Cube.

Playoff hopes remain for the Redskins, writes Capital Comment. We’re not sure about the use of “puncher’s chance” to describe the Redskins prospects, and will defer to Washington Cube (above) for a ruling on archaic phrases.

What may be the weirdest mainstream (Washington Post) editorial column (Richard Cohen) of the year gets shoutout (or something) from leading culture watching reporter, Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog. The column also caught the eye of City Desk.

All about H Street: Trendy Is As Trendy Does. (There’s a double paste here that hopefully will be fixed by the time you click. The column is a fun read.) Famous DC.

As go the trashcans, so goes the trash? Prince of Petworth.

Yours for Good Fermentables saw the movie Lincoln and adds some insights about the beer in the movie.



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