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Confessing to a ding is a better thing. Orange Hoodie.

Hey, we love 40-plus-word ledes as much as the next person. Better a big mouthful than a quick bite. Ok. But if we’re going to call Uber supporters “myopic little twits” let’s explain why in the story or shorten the lede. DCist.

If you’re tired of photos of House Speaker John Boehner pretending to look serious, there’s this shot of a squirrel posing for photo. Cute. It’s the last photo (click on it for full size) in a series at LIT’s Living on Capitol Hill (Hell!?).

A Giants fan comments on the game. Cloture Club.

Another reason to avoid taking up gardening. Story lede explains, but the headline is all innocence: Cemeteries east of the river have rich histories. Greater Greater Washington.



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