DC Blogs Noted

DC DOT has sent people to 40 locations to gather data on bicycle use. It shows a steady rise. Some other facts: 77% of the bikers are male, and 76% of all riders wear helmets. d.ish.

Red Nose has the flu and writes: So, I spent most of today in the ER.

After 10 years of blogging, Occam’s Razor writes: Blogging takes a huge amount of my time, but as a financial investment I’ve been panning for fool’s gold. I’ve earned just $343.51 in Google AdSense revenue over the years.

Distric Cuisine posted the menu of a new H Street restaurant, Steak & Ice.

Inaugural ball news: If you’re a plutocrat with a heart and want to mingle with Ashley Greene, Kirsten Dunst and Tim Daly, you can buy a ticket here. I Don’t Do Clubs.



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