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The Autobiography of Steve writes about his battle with PTSD. He is an Iraq combat vet. Excerpt: Following my first combat tour of Iraq, this condition was more acute than it may be presently. At the time, I was fear-struck nearly every instance I encountered the sound of low flying aircraft. This specific issue was due to a vicious missile attack I was party to in early 2003.

Our blogger writes: In which we were two weeks early to a party and I got all mouthy with the cops. Lemon Gloria. And for good reason.

Can someone please take the crayons away from DC’s Taxi Cab commission. What Color Will D.C.’s Taxis Be? Loose Lips.

Who was this taxi driver? Ghost of DC admires a 1935 photograph that earns its superlative.

Why isn’t your dog well behaved? Borderstan.



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