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Ardvaark at The Dumping Ground offers a report from a Borf-inspired gathering of indignant youth who managed to block traffic Saturday at 14th and P for “maybe five minutes.” He writes: One person on the sidewalk next to me stated that they were protesting social injustice for the youth of the city, perhaps referring to the upcoming curfew crackdown. She went on to say that they had asked her to join them, and she deferred because she had some drinking to do, drawing laughs from all of us who were also over 21.

In a post, Ebenezers: Coffee with an antigay cause?, the writer at The Coffeehouse Soapbox says he won’t be getting his java at Ebenezer’s Coffee House at 201 F St. NE, because of the views of its owner, the National Community Church, on gay issues. To make his case, he cites some of the church’s connections and an article by its pastor that suggest that LGBT people have turned from God, and that sexual orientation is a matter of choice. The writer says he has emailed the church’s pastor for information about the church’s views on this matter and is awaiting a response.

The flat tire and the girl with a trampoline. No, this isn’t the name of the latest chick lit trade paperback — it’s Dasha’s true-life adventure at DC Bachelor.

A woman walks into a DC police station after a male intruder entered her house. She previously tried calling 911 but got a recording. At this point, writes The Imelda, a normal person would expect to get a little sympathy from the female police officer, At least a “how are you doing, are you ok?” But, oh no, not from DC’s finest. Instead, the police officer replied with an “old lady, you’re crazy” look on her face, “9-1-1 wasn’t working, huh?

All about basement apartments: Why no one will rent a basement apartment and other observations about DC housing by Delilah Boyd. Also, Yes, we live in a basement unit in a city built on a swamp, writes Sprite Writes. Then there’s the basement apartment that the writer at A Day in an Often Overwhelming Life is considering moving into … flooded and they are putting in a sump pump and redoing the floors.

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In DC, people move very slowly, writes Byron, who is here from the UK and observing the city. He continues: I am sure there must be fewer people, but also twice as much space. Still, the roads are large, clean and orderly and cars seem never to rush anywhere. Everything looks pretty civilised and relaxed, although a short visit outside Capitol Hill immediately yields views of a life more similar to London – tramps and beggars …

So, Lord Vader himself arrives at the L Street Borders in a motorcade, writes K Street Blues.

Chick-Fil-A confessions: My name is Kathryn, and I’m a carnivore once more.