DC Blogs Noted

Some blogs from Connecticut, as well as DC.

My Left Nutmeg writes: I broke down in tears while I hugged my daughter when she got off the bus yesterday (she looked at me like I was nuts). While I enjoyed my traditional pizza night with my little girl as we watched episodes of iCarly and the Good Luck Charlie Christmas special, I couldn’t stop thinking about those parents in my favorite little town in Connecticut who are grieving the loss of their loved one.

A Flower for the Children of Newtown. Color Sizzle.

Why Have So Few Things Changed Since Gabby Giffords Was Shot? Pundit Mom.

Capital Sarcasm was born and raised in Connecticut and writes about the larger issues.

Tolkien Geek writes from Connecticut: Sandy Hook Elementary School is my youngest son’s school.

Yes, Sandy, There is a Santa. Aldon Hynes’s blog.



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