DC Blogs Noted

An American Girl in Washington reveals her means, methods and attitude in an interesting post that begins: I have always been obsessed with having balls. Not the rubber kind that you play with outside, but cajones. I don’t know where it comes from. Maybe being a girl who got picked on a lot.

A post about a date with a hunter is called Opening Sally. I wouldn’t Date Him.

What is Santarchy DC 2012? Good Brown Gravy has a ton of photos, which makes it easy to understand.

Urban Turf explains how DC’s zoning revisions could change the city. Excerpt: Once the new code is in place, our neighborhoods and streets will likely look undeniably different. Alley homes and accessory dwelling units may appear on existing lots, corner stores may pop up in residential areas, and the city may become greener.

First peek at Batter Bowl Bakery by Frozen Tropics.

Note: We will publishing on an irregular basis over the holidays. To those who have sent in requests to be entered in the live feed over the past month or so, those blogs will be entered during the holiday week.

Photo: Everyone Needs Love. Happy Holidays to all our readers.



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