DC Blogs Noted

This post, Monument to a City, is a rich read. It’s by Dinaw Mengestu. Opinionator. It begins: My wife and I began to unconsciously prepare ourselves for living in Washington, D.C., long before we actually moved to the city.

The writer of Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog recounts the time he was robbed.

Rangerettes in DC Day 1. The Flare Excerpt: As our plane made its descent into the Washington D.C. area, clouds enveloped the entire aircraft. It looked as if we were drifting through snow. When at last the clouds broke, the aerial view was breathtaking.

For clarity sake, the car thing on the Metro isn’t a car, as Malnurtured Snay points out.

Have you ever used Metro’s power outlets? Greater Greater Washington.

This looks good: Shrimp & fennel stew. Passion Fruits.



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