DC Blogs Noted

Casey Dinkin, a DC blogger now in NYC, explains why I stopped pulling out my gray hair.

Riding in a Metro car, the writer of Life in a Swamp hears a flushing nosie. What is it, he wonders.

A $200 finder’s fee is offered to anyone who can help find an affordable apartment in Trinidad. The Titan of Trinidad calls it a sign of the times.

In 2005, a blogger, Ms. Reina goes to Washington, offered this observation about life in the District: One thing I never realized before I came here was the fact that Washington D.C. is in a state of drunken stupor, especially on the weekends. This observation was backed up in 2012. DC ranked 9th nationally on the list of drunken cities, with the average number of alcoholic drinks consumed by adults per month at 15.6, according to The Daily Beast. Boston is number one. This brings us to a wonderful post on BBB about not drinking. In it, people share their personal stories of going 30 days without a drink.

A well done downtown photo by someone visiting the States for the first time. Matador.

How much did your Japan trip cost? Jenny shares some details about what she expects to pay.

Editor’s note: The live feed is back in working order. Sorry for delay. And we are catching up on entering a mountain of new blogs.



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