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Fly. Fish. Eat. does indeed fly. Here’s the background. But here is, as well, a short video of a landing from the pilot’s point of view. Very cool.

In tribute to Valentines Day Week, a dating report: It starts off promising, but then quickly goes downhill. Grateful Dating.

Bonus: Post Secret‘s valentine secrets.

The Autobiography of Steve discusses his relationship with guns, one that has turned into a nasty distaste for them.

Interesting: Lit takes a photo of what may be a party for children at a local park. A normal scene except for the horses and goats also in attendance. Click on image for larger view. LIT’s Living on Capitol Hill (Hell!?).

The DC CFO is leaving his position and Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space says it may be time to make it an elected position.

Well done murals by the artist Cita Sadeli or Chelove. Photos. DC Scorpio Blog.



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