DC Blogs Noted

The writer at Silver Spring Singular gets a speed camera violation ticket from the city of Greenbelt accusing him of going 13 miles over the limit. The problem: He hasn’t been in Greenbelt in years.

Looking for something to do on Presidents Day? The Library of Congress is offering a rare photographic opportunity. It is allowing people to enter the rarely opened Great Hall of the Thomas Jefferson Building.

Fiery and Opinionated tells about her arrival in San Francisco, and shares many photos.

A pizza tribute by Delectabelle, who writes: The thought of Long Island pizza makes me yearn for the days of my misspent youth, galavanting, around town, grabbing a slice of what would become one of the most coveted and craved delicacies I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

Is Yelp the New Front Page? Sword and the Script examines the importance of peer reviews.



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