DC Blogs Noted

A homeless man shows up for Ping Pong dim sum. Justanoherdcmonday.

U Street Dirt says there are bullies in the neighborhood trying to upend what should be a civil debate.

My Oscar Ballot 2013. Footnotes.

Engagements: Mascara and Microchips shows what’s changed in a photo. Magnolia writes: so yeah, that happened. the man is now the fiancé (although he will stay “the man” in blog-land; inserting that accent is annoying). we’re getting ourselves hitched up. i get to formalize the central relationship of my life – from buddy to best friend to confidante to partner in crime to boyfriend to life partner. and in a few months, to husband.

Why I’m Adding “Feminist” to My Online Profiles. Nutgraf.

Photos from inside the main reading room at the Library of Congress. Neighborhood Nomads.

Surprisingly nice dog photo. District Murphy.



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