DC Blogs Noted

Brad Kanus pens something short, sweet and snappy: Born in DC – what it’s like to be my 5 day-old son in the Nation’s Capital.

More about the efforts to impose a liquor moratorium on U Street. Greater Greater Washington says the opposition gathered more than 1,100 signatures. This post also argues that all the moratorium accomplished in Adams Morgan is to raise the price of liquor licenses making it an unaffordable location for new restaurants. Young & Hungry weighs in as well. U Street Booze Moratorium Meeting: “The Next Adams Morgan” vs. a “Pro-Business Jihad”

U Street alley, photos at Ordinary Luminary

How to be a happy person. Advice from UnemployedKat.

Occam’s Razor has to go it alone, and calls the experience ‘taking myself on a date.’



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