DC Blogs Noted

Langniappe has a big announcement: I’m leaving DC, moving to California, and pursuing my lifelong dream of being a writer. And I’m doing it just short of two months from now.

More big news. The Slow Cook has moved from a corner lot, just two miles from the White House, to a big farm in upstate New York. They now own a 30-acre parcel of mostly pasture land near the Vermont border. Check out the photo.

Maybe we’re just out of touch, but what’s called “engagement session photos” seems to be gaining traction. Here are the many photos of a young couple’s engagement session. Capitol Romance.

Changes to the Circulator line are in the works. The Georgetown Metropolitan discusses them in the post: Circulator to the Mall, How About U St?

Trader Joe’s may open a store at 14th and U, reports Borderstan.

Best Picnic Spots in DC. We Love DC.



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