DC Blogs Noted

DC Style is Real arrived in DC eight years ago. She hated leaving Manhattan, and says her experience with DC didn’t begin well. Her view about DC has changed since.

About a sign at a restaurant: Can you encourage civilizing behavior with the F word? Prince of Petworth.

This doesn’t happen too often in the DC blogosphere: One blog calls out another and in a critical way. The District Curmudgeon.

A family history of skipping school. Washington DC My Hometown

Imagine if the mover told you, “Yuir furniture is crap!” Jimbo.

DC Film Girl really liked the new Superman.

If you care at all about the future of the MLK Library, this is pretty important: A call to action: Call on DC City Council to create a Citizens Task Force on the Future of DC’s Central Library, Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space.



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