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The DC Sports Page looks at the effort to rebrand the Redskins in the post: Hail to the Metros? Excerpt: I’m somewhat conflicted on the name of the Redskins. I am of Asian descent. I’ve heard many slurs, so I understand the reasons Native Americans may be offended by the name. At the same time, this is a name that’s been in use for decades.

Before and after, 4.5 Street. A 1955 photograph in color. Vanished Washington.

Unemployed Kat writes a personal manifesto that imagines the future.

It’s hard to know who sells what on eBay, but the writer of We pass the time of day to forget how time passes is selling clothes.

Praise for a juicer. Hitherto, who writes: The downside is it does feel a touch wasteful. Some items are juiced more successfully than others, but to create a glass of juice there is a fair bit of pulp which is going to waste.



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