DC Blogs Noted

The phone rings at dinner, telemarketers probably, and the decision is made to let it go into voice mail. But the voice of an elderly woman is heard over the speaker and the call is answered. This caller is looking for someone and is trying to match names out of a phone book. What follows is a story that is as poignant and as touching as you are likely to ever read. By Quiet in the Stacks. Washington Cube recommended this one.

So, a woman, the writer in this case, tries online dating again. And a fellow writes. The same guy she dated some months back, on March 6 to be exact, she recalls. But he doesn’t remember dating her. The full story at Consultant Confessions in a post titled: Apparently I am an Unmemorable Date.

My Rules of Life, by DC Bachelor. A thoughtful and introspective piece. Nod to Erika for the recommendation.

Green Canary was traveling the day the massive terror plot was discovered and observed people unloading their now banned goods. GC writes: I saw bins full of random and fantastical things: a tube of KY Jelly, a full bottle of Wild Turkey, Krazy Glue, a snow globe. Looking at these treasures, these potentially lethal treasures, I realized that we are all just packrats in disguise.

The return of the Uber-preppy. You can find them at National games, reports Fictional Rockstar.