DC Blogs Noted

Frozen Tropics writes about the death of a 9-year-old boy in DC, something that “has devastated the community.” The blogger, Inked, who wrote a poignant piece about the many questions the search for him raises, cites the work of two other local bloggers, Otters Are Probably the Answer, and Titan of Trinidad. In total, it’s quite a response from the DC blogosphere.

Walmart plays hardball with DC politicians over vote on a retail worker wage bill. Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space. Meanwhile, Congress Heights on the Rise writes: Walmart cancels plans to open two stores in Ward 7. Thoughts?

The first pints of Right Proper, a new brewery opening in DC, will be poured at the Brew at the Zoo event on Thursday, reports DC Beer.

LIT’s Living on Capitol Hill (Hell!?) considers the merits of LinkedIn connections, especially if you are new to DC.

Gimmick Guys at the bar. Beltway Rants is on a roll.



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