DC Blogs Noted

This writer and wife agree on a divorce, and while the paperwork goes through he strikes up a Facebook friendship with someone also going through a divorce. It’s kept online until after the court date and, oddly, “our divorce dates turned out to be the same ā€“ at the same court house, before the same magistrate, an hour apart.” They get a house, and life resumes happily ever after. World in Motion.

More on the relationship front, a few short words from our sponsor, Tuffies Rants and Raves: Maybe I’m better off alone.

Hey, I’m Jake, writes about the recent bad news and the protest in DC. An excerpt: This protest was mostly folks in their 20s of all different races and genders and political affiliations. The protest helps remind me that the people in power will not always be in power.

This blogger quits her job and then hops a Bolt Bus for a trip to NYC. She logs all her restaurants, but of course, because the blog is: DC Food Rag.

Unemployed Kat writes: There is literally nothing worse than a stinky person on the bike next to you in spin class.

A look at Catherine’s monthly budget, in the post: How I spend my dollar bills. Outta Mind Outta Site.



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