DC Blogs Noted

Lawsomnia’s original plan to shop at the Soviet Safeway was thwarted by a lack of parking so he goes to the P Street Whole Foods. But after dealing with SUVs in its garage, thoughtless store customers and the difference between Motts Apple Sauce and “365 Organic” Apple Sauce, he came to believe that he is a stranger in a strange land.

Marianita in from Miami, has her first adventure with public transportation in DC, and soon learns the name of her bus driver, whom she dubs Smitty in the City.

Women are perfect in more ways than any man can imagine. (Note: This post is rated SW for Stomach Warning by the Blog Rating Board) It’s great writing by Dennis at More than My Luggage.

Reya calls the panda photo at Team Wet Dog the most awesome panda photo ever.

It’s possible that some DC mayoral candidates read DC blogs. Wayan at Metroblogging says he got a letter from the Marie Johns campaign inviting him to a meeting of “key bloggers.” His post title sums up his view: Is this desperation or respect?

Regarding politics, here is a roundup of some recent blog comments. We hope its helps you make an informed voting decision. Dealing in Subterfuges
doesn’t like any of the candidates but especially Linda Cropp. She has her reasons. zHate likes the “oh-so-cool Lance Armstrong wristbands” he got from the Vincent Orange campaign but the Green Party candidate for mayor has his support. Swede and Czech agrees that Adrian Fenty is a press hound and likes Cropp. Regarding Vincent Orange: I can’t possibly vote for him, writes Lady Tiara.

Meanwhile, back to more important topics. Let’s talk about proper manners in dating, writes Chapter 2006. A list of rules, including this politically topical one: – Men, do walk the lady home even if you don’t want to see her again. Do you want her getting mugged on your clock?