DC Blogs Noted

This was the warning from the random lady on the subway platform about Snakes on the Plane: Just stay away from it, writes Ms. Go at DCgirl at the Movies. And that’s all the encouragement the writer needs to see the film. A report on the movie and culture around it: I’d say it had maybe 3-4 funny lines, not nearly enough Sam-on-snake action, several kung-fu Asian stereotypes, one reject from a Mountain Dew commercial to protect, and a very weak ending …

Redskins tailgating season begins. A report by the Life of Red, who writes: The Cheerleaders arrived and I felt like I was invading in Man-World.

Go on, take a little piece of my heart. Hecht’s was a part of her life and city, and so it pained this native Washingtonian see a crane removing the “H” from a Hecht’s in Arlington last week. She writes: I know it’s just a store, but it’s the end of my small town too. From What Does a Girl Do?

The writer of The Anacostia Diaries Blog says he’s in contact with a young congressional intern with a story to tell. A scandalous story. This post isn’t so much a teaser about what will come next as it as an explanation about why he thinks his source may be credible. His post begins: I have a confession to make. I have been in contact with a young woman named “Katie” who is a congressional intern in an “influential Republican” congressman’s office.

The Restaurant Nora on Florida Avenue gets reviewed by Jason at Gluttony. The restaurant is dedicated to fresh, local and organic ingredients, he writes. An excerpt: It is so important, in food as in any and all other endeavours, to begin well. And we do, unequivocally.

Best blogger description award goes to Hecate: I’m a woman, a witch, a mother, a grandmother, an eco-feminist, a lawyer, a gardener, a reader, a writer, and a priestess of the Great Mother Earth.