DC Blogs Noted

Where’s My Cape has some serious grievances with WaPo’s Style Invitational. Its selection process lacks transparency; the same names crop up week after week and the quality of winning entries have dramatically dropped. Just in case you don’t yet grasp what WMC really really thinks, this is what she has to say about the, umm, judges for the entries: Are there pock-faced summer interns who find faxed entries behind the fax machine months too late? Dim-witted college students who lack mental capacity to define wit, nevermind recognize it when they see it?

It’s five minutes until curtain and the line to women’s room is very long. A decision is made by two sisters to use the men’s room. They follow the unspoken rules, eyes averted, and move quickly and make it to their seats. There’s just one complication. From Time I’ll Never Get Back

The Joys Of Parenthood Roundup. “It is possible to drive eight hours alone in a car with a toddler,” writes When I Look Deep in Your Eyes. Meanwhile, somebody got a little cranky at Brookside Gardens this weekend. “I want to leave RIGHT NOW. I HATE it here,” as Cheezwerks own mom smirks in the background.

Inner Limits does her first paid comedy gig. She did okay, after a rocky start. She writes: When I was supposed to be onstage, I was in the bathroom.

Tourists of DC: Please Stop Staring By alpacaOrange at this is by us.

Tower Records, the last of the retailers to carry a “deep-catalogue” section of classical music, files for bankruptcy, according to ionarts, which writes: With Borders and Olssons’s having shrunk their classical sections to a pathetic two rows (why even bother), the only alternative at all in D.C. remains Melody Records, though they have perhaps a tenth of Tower’s stock.

Times have changed at the Montgomery County fair since 1978, the last time alternative hippopotamus attended. “Another sign at the entrance warned against organized protests. My first thought was: I guess the poultry rebellion is off for today.”

Credits: special thanks to Erika, who discovered and wrote up some of tonight’s entries, and Cube, whose sharp eye for good blog posts never fails.