DC Blogs Noted

“There’s nothing to eat in this house,” says the teenager. In response, the Slow Cook takes photos of the counter arguments.

Bitches Who Brunch go to Cashion’s Eat Place with a boyfriend.

Broken toe upsets runner’s routine, and the x-rays tell the story. Jess Runs.

DC wants to sponsor a gigantic soft-money bribe event, a.k.a. the Olympics. The average person won’t be able to get tickets to various contests, and money that could be spent on public works with real benefits will be diverted to fund sky boxes. Five reasons not to love DC’s Olympic bid. Housing Complex.

Let’s add memory the phone. This ought to be simple, right? Dumb Things I Have Done Lately.

Bike parts swap at Bardo Saturday. Frozen Tropics.

Note to readers: Taking a long holiday break. Will return after Labor Day.



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