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On a date by herself, the Black Sage buys a newspaper to read at dinner. It has an article about two city council candidates, including Scott Bolden. Leaving the restaurant, with the article in view, she runs into Bolden and writes: I ignore him. He doesn’t ignore me.

Ibérico pig,
Spain’s fabled delicacy,
lives up to the hype.
No, it’s not a travel promotion. It’s a restaurant review – in haiku – of the Jaleo. There are several more (the one for Brickskeller is particularly apt) by A Thousand Burning Suns who visited several restaurants and pubs during a recent trip to DC.

Text mess-ages: The breakup arrives via text message. Text message becomes basis for blog post. Blog post gets excerpted in The Express and into the hands of Metro riders everywhere … now half the commuters relying on the Metro in DC now realize that I was dumped and in such a pathetic way, writes Carrie Broadshoulders.

Once he gets enough salt water in his veins, Lonnie Bruner intends to
set sail for France. No date set.

Suicide Blond says she lives next to a brothel, and writes: … they are good neighbors – they send me really fancy gift baskets on holidays, clean up in front of their place, and they are generally pleasant. From Glamour is a Rocky Road. New blog.

My New Job at NPR. Andy Carvin writes: In this role, I’ll essentially act as NPR’s Web 2.0 strategist, helping them develop new initiatives that encourage greater public involvement in NPR’s online activities. These activities could take a variety of forms: online social networks, wikis, blogs, mobcasting, citizen journalism, original content sharing.

Dupont Circle is the Bermuda Triangle for Fashion. Fashion observations by Carrie at A Total Waste of Makeup. New blog.

City Sparkle wins the blind date/bachelor contest on Hot 99.5 and gets Justin Timberlake tickets. I am so excited, I can’t function, she writes.

The otherwise low-maintenance woman at Sugar, Spice and Sometimes Nice writes: What is it about Starbuck’s that turns a perfectly normal girl into high-maintenance?

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