DC Blogs Noted

The DC school department is dumping brand new school supplies, which Lonnie Bruner’s father finds very disturbing. He shares an email from his dad reporting about discarded bags of “old school supplies” tossed in dumpster that found their way to some “old-timers” at a Maryland diner. Excerpt:

For a depression-era guy whose family and friends struggled to overcome many obstacles so that we could share in the American dream, it is incomprehensible that someone would approve of dumping the very implements that got me where I am today.

No Dogs in the Market. Dogs are now banned from the Dupont Circle market, writes My Little Kitchen. Excerpt: I had a hint this was coming two weeks ago when I overheard one vendor telling another about some incident involving a dog and saying that dogs were to be banned from the market. I had assumed at the time that they were discussing a market other than Dupont Circle. Wishful thinking.

A very good post about finding right balance in life and work: Maybe the goal shouldn’t be having it all. Maybe it should be to have as much as you want — professionally and personally. By Mommy at Work, in a post titled A tale of two colleagues.

Why people are single in DC. A thoughtful post by DC Pinays that sees the possibility of hope at a flower vendor. It starts: It has been said that if you’re single in DC, chances are that you’ll probably remain single for quite a while. True, I’ve only been single for a few months now and true, I’ve only been spending 90% of my time in DC for the past 2 weeks. But I think I’m starting to understand why this phenomenon occurs.

Vacation concluded. This is a critique of the city and its people by a tourist from New York. DC’ers were evidently on their best behavior during this traveler’s visit. He writes: People outside of New York are almost always nicer. This was true for DC, where people talked to you randomly without worry about pretense. On the subway, you’re not supposed to make eye contact with anyone. On the metro, if someone bumps your elbow they say excuse me or sorry. There’s a definite difference in culture. From Chronicles of Waqar.

About the photo: Scene from the French Quarter in New Orleans, where I spent last week, a city that remains one of the most beautiful in America. This is the anniversary week of Katrina and the media will be saturated with photos of damage. But I wanted to share a little scene from an area in the French Quarter that struck me, with its quaint A&P and lively arts community, as the perfect place to live. I didn’t want to leave. There are many areas of the city where flood damage extends for mile after mile, and the challenges facing its residents are monumental. But the French Quarter and central business district are in good condition, and many shops and restaurants along St. Charles Avenue as it winds up to Loyola, which is as far as I traveled in that direction, are back. You can help New Orleans by including a visit in your travel plans. You’ll be rewarded by the city’s charms as well as the thanks of its residents. – kob.

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