DC Blogs Noted

Wigging it out with a polygamist. Warren Jeffs, the polygamist sect leader on the FBI’s Most Wanted, was arrested by the G-Men/Women with thousands in cash and most importantly, a collection of wigs. Dealing in Subterfuges probes the cultural weight of this discovery and its fashion implications as well. She offers up wig artistry with her delicious wit. Excerpt: Talk about your well prepared fugitive. I doubt even RuPaul travels with three wigs when she’s driving somewhere. Who knew Warren Jeffs was a true diva? (Nod to Washington Cube for the recommendation.)

10 Reasons I am soooo over summer. Chapter 2006. No argument.

Chairborne Stranger, the Metro area blogger who posted from Iraq, is home. He writes: There’s a whole world back in Iraq that most people know nothing about, maybe a news clip or article if that, and they will never know.

Quip: Heard yesterday at Cosi’s Dupont Circle. At My Blog.

One Year Later: How Can DC Still Help Katrina Victims? Stacey at Metroblogging offers some tips.

Update: Regarding live feed and Blogger beta. We did make some changes to the feed urls for those who have moved to the beta. About a handful have made the switch to Blogger’s beta. But I’m not sure if we we’re using the right feed url for an accurate time stamp. Blogger is now showing several options. So a little testing is underway.