DC Blogs Noted

DC is rewriting its zoning rules, and ЦARЬCHITECT explains why a fight over accessory apartments “will be the most contentious” of debates. He writes: Accessory units give homeowners flexibility in the use of what are often large properties. The extra income is nice to have for some people. For others, it’s a lifejacket.

Reya visits a distant world and uses her powerful magic to bring it life, in the post: What is remembered, lives.

Urban Turf brings house hunting to a human level in, The Pursuit: A 20-Year House In DC’s 30 Year-Old Hippie Mecca.

This is a post that will appeal to a specific sort, but it brings a wide variety of voices to bear on the question: Should you go to design school? The House that Lars Built.

Post Halloween wrap: I would posit that Halloween is one of the biggest reasons to have children. Lemon Gloria.



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