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In remembrance of the place I call home Here’s a writer who grew up in a military family, moved frequently, and finally found in New Orleans what she has always been looking for. From Van Nasty, and it starts: New Orleans has always been home to me. always. when i moved there for college at 18, sight unseen, it was like breathing for the first time. there are no words to explain how i felt about the city, except to say, i finally found where i knew i belonged.

Earlier this week we linked to this popular post by DC Pinays: Why people are single in DC. Here’s another aspect of this story by EJ Takes Life, whose opening sentence sets the stage for what follows: Hard as it is to get a boyfriend in Washington, it may be harder to get a girlfriend.

The name of the blog is called Kittens with Mittens, but a more appropriate name might be
Kittens with Boxing Gloves. This blogger pummels a writer who suggests that it isn’t a good idea to marry a career woman. It starts: Everytime I begin to think that things are changing, that people are growing, that our society is more open, that sexism is slowly crawling towards death, I am slapped in the face with the harsh reality that our country, people, and many men suck.

Discount coupons at Staples accrue even if you return the item, reports Finding Blanche, who writes how the store ended up paying her to take the backpack.

I am so tired of paying for bad haircuts, says this writer who was hoping for a good haircut in Dupont Circle. Photo. From Alaskan Abroad, The misadventures of a journalist and reformed dog musher, his Bohemian wife and an obstinate Siberian husky named Kuba. Related: This writer is happy with her haircut, a fabulous new ‘do she writes, but less than happy with the bus. From Think Lynsen.

A ride along with DC PD report. Excerpt: Officer Parson also demonstrated that he could legally stop almost any vehicle on the road by articulating the numerous traffic violations committed by passing motorists. He acknowledged that police commonly use these minor infractions as a pretext to investigate more serious crimes, but claims that police profiling usually relies on more subtle factors than race. He claims that his suspicions are usually correct, which I assume is how most officers justify making pretext stops. From Flex Your Rights.

About the photo: New Orleans, taken last week.

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