DC Blogs Noted

The stress, excitement and expectation of a first date can deliver some vivid writing, and that’s what Alejandra at sent from my dell desktop produces when she recaps her WaPo Date Lab date. Excerpt: I looked him over. My first reaction was an unexpected one. He looked like a shorter version of my little brother. 

The students arrived this weekend at local universities for the fall semester. In the Watergate Safeway parents of GW students took their children shopping, passing on last bits of worldly information before leaving them with some detergent and freedom. It wasn’t sad, it wasn’t poignant but you just knew that nobody was rushing anything and the Safeway checkout lines do a very good job at providing time for lingering moments. So here they are again, the new, the young, the dreamers and the bloggers. What a tasty city! Writes I’m just sipping on chamomile about her second night in DC. Except the rice options at Safeway made me want to cry.   

The False Promise of Metro is the title of analysis by City Desk arguing against expanding the Metro rail. Excerpt: Besides encouraging speculation, damaging the bus system, and not competing with the automobile, Metro has other problems. It favors the upper and middle class over poorer residents both by the neighborhoods served and the routes themselves, which are designed to bring wealthier suburbanites into the city rather than helping less wealthy city dwellers get to jobs in the suburbs.

Why do men buy flowers? Brunch Bird and conversations on the Metro.

DC’s automated traffic cameras accuse the writer at Where’s My Cape of running a red light. She shares the photographic evidence and her analysis about its hair trigger enforcement. Excerpt: The “automated” read-out also said that the light was red in Photo #1 for 0.4 seconds. Not even half a second! This is certainly not enough time to react and I had no choice but to responsibly clear the intersection.

Mysterygirl discovers a wasp nest in her bedroom. From Heart Tribute Band Super Fan Page

Metro observation: One rider who keeps his money in a sock. A report by Do Not Cross.