DC Blogs Noted

There are no blogs in the live feed by DC candidates with the exception of Kris Hammond, who is running for a seat on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission in the Eckington-Bloomingdale area. He is the first candidate to ask to be included in the live feed. Few candidates have blogs or blogs worth attention. But Hammond is producing an excellent blog: He writes about what he likes about his neighborhood, what he hears from its residents and explains how he’ll approach the job if elected. Win or lose, this neighborhood will gain if Hammond keeps his blog.

Black people need to want more for themselves is the title of a thoughtful post by Golden Silence, an “aspiring actor/writer,” she writes in her profile. Her post starts: As a black person, I try to carry myself in a manner so people (i.e., Whites) don’t have a reason to pigeonhole me and stereotype me. I speak eloquently, dress nicely, and keep myself clean. I am tired of seeing black people think that it’s okay to act loud, rude, and crass. And to criticize polished behavior as “acting white” is becoming too damn tiresome.

First reports: Mr. T in DC visits the new Trader Joe’s at Pennsylvania and 25th St. NW and says the store is well stocked and check-out lines efficient. He writes: It used to be that we DC residents were stuck with the smallest, crappiest, most overpriced grocery stores in the region, but that pattern is surely changing.

The boy with the independent streak can’t wait to get on the school bus to start his first day of kindergarten. And all his parents can do is wave and wonder. From Freewheeling Spirit.

And you thought kids were bad? Obnoxious seniors talk during a Millennium Stage concert at the Kennedy Center. Excerpt: It was a sight to behold. One little old lady in front of us tapped the shoulder of a woman in front of her and started chatting, “Mildred, is that you?” From Pop Pop Bang

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