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DC residents aren’t “mushy,” as in soft and pulpy, and now, nearly 110 years later, we have proof. In 1905 a new resident to Washington noted something about the people. He wrote in a postcard: “I am at home here. I remember what you told me not long ago but I’ve found company for there are more mushy people in this city than I ever saw before. Signed Geo.” Well, Geo, not so much today. City Desk reports that during the polar vortex Capital Bikeshare registered 2,338 rides during the coldest point of the polar vortex. Mushy, indeed!

This seems like a very nice place to hang out at. Panda Head.

America’s Young Theologian posts photos of his bride.

Giggles has been writing about her appearance on Jeopardy.

Increase your vocabulary for free! Here’s a new word that you probably don’t know: Sneckdowns. Beyond DC.



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