DC Blogs Noted

Fears I didn’t even know I had. Greatest Escape, who writes: One of my male friends was robbed near H Street when he got off a bus in the rain. Two female coworkers were robbed on their walk home to Shaw. Another male friend has twice been robbed at gunpoint in Friendship Heights, of all places.

Is it possible to crowdsource a medical condition? Rude Cactus.

Help: The Georgetown Metropolitan has posted a picture of his car, which was stolen. In a separate post by a blogger who won’t let a little thing like a car theft get him down, the GM also raises a question about some recent trends in Georgetown: Is M St. Dining in Trouble?

Only in DC: State of the Union Watch Party at Star & Shamrock.

Frozen Tropics. A list of State of Union food and drink specials at Best Bites.



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