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 A Cautionary Tale for Drunken Dudes. Drinks, guns and confrontation at DC Drinks. Excerpt: Lonnie moons the two and one of the guys confronts me: “What do you have in your pocket?”


Robert, the writer at Team Wet Dog, is looking forward to voting in Tuesday’s primary and then realizes he’s registered as an independent. He writes: In D.C., my “independent” status means I don’t vote for Mayor, pragmatically speaking.

She doesn’t like to be taken for granted. The Girl with Cat home alone watching TV. He’s out late with friends after work.

Stuck in traffic thanks to the premier of the Movie Guardian, the writer at A Total Waste of Makeup, spots the source of her stuck-in-traffic aggravation. Excerpt: I must admit, I dig celebrity sightings. So even though it was just Kevin Coster, it was still Kevin Costner and I can report that the man looks OLD. His wife is gorgeous though. Of course, I think she’s younger than me.

A major tree disease hits the area, writes DC Master Gardener News.

Photos: Top, street scene Capitol Hill, Pennsylvania Ave.; Sign: Martinis and Beer are  banned at nearby park. Outdoor wine consumption is allowed, however.