DC Blogs Noted

So vivid still are its memories and emotions that it does not seem as if five years have passed. The 9/11 anniverary prompted many bloggers to write of the past and the present. What follows is a small collection among many powerful posts.

Free Leaf:
What 9/11 really represents to me is of course a tragedy but it is also a missed opportunity. We as people missed the opportunity to truly be affected by something huge, something that could have made us a better society, a better people and truly be something worth representing to the world.

Café 227
I just got off the phone with my father, who owns a Middle Eastern deli in Pittsburgh. His store was broken into and vandalized late last night/early this morning. It’s unclear whether it was “just” a robbery or a 9/11-related hate crime. But I suspect it’s the latter …

I saw other people on the bus turn to watch the plane, and I imagined that we were all thinking the same thing.

DC Cookie
On this September 11th I’m flying a Chicago-bound United flight. Sadly, it didn’t even dawn on me to be concerned.

Not Yet A Wino
… the strongest ache for me on this anniversary is for those widows who cannot seem to move on. For the woman who still has his toothbrush in the bathroom, his coat in the closet with her own …

no use for a headline
The point is to remember. I will remember the guys who I sat with all that day, my friends whose family was at the World Trade Center that day, and the everyday people who showed amazing resolve and courage.

Looking to Live
Since September 11, we have learned to be afraid of rental trucks, shoes, bottles of baby formula, Swiss Army knives, knitting needles, white powder, and any number of other things. New objects to fear are invented daily.

Kathryn On
Only I made it past that day, and he did not.