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Exposed DC, a great local photo show, had its opening night this week. Here’s the wrap-up.

Income inequality gap in DC is one of the biggest in the U.S. Fiscal Policy Institute.

Janel and Anthony, Cigarette at Comet Ping Pong tonight. DC Music Download.

A new resident arrives in DC. Novakistan writes: We’ll be squishing into a 2 BR/1 bath apartment in DC due to the high cost of living there. Unfortunately, this means that about 1/3 of our stuff needs to go so we can fit. I’m cool with this, as I like being forced to live a more minimalist lifestyle. The less attached to stuff I am, the better!

DC Literary Outsider writes: The gospels do talk about the greatness of those who serve the least of us, who do not claim worldly importance, the first pews in front, the proud greetings in the marketplace. And this, for better or worse, is I guess what, professionally I’ve become.

Asian taco pop-up opens on U Street. New Columbia Heights.

Different: Every Person in New York. A blog by someone who is trying to “draw every person in New York.”

More good work called, Random drawing. Ning’s Sketchbook. Compare drawing with author photo.

DC Film Girl reviews Nymphomaniac.

Naked woman arrested trying to visit husband in jail, police said. DC Crime Stories.



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