DC Blogs Noted

Reya’s roommates work long and hard to renovate a Victorian into a brightly colored store on Eighth Street SE, and then give it a a very retro name, Groovy. The city wasn’t all that helpful in their effort, she writes. Excerpt: DC doesn’t really want new businesses to open. You would not believe all the crap they had to go through with the city. Please explain why any shop has needed a mop sink since 1950?? I mean if you repair cars or something, I could see it, but for a little shop like this? A sponge mop and bucket will definitely do the trick. DC disagrees. From Grace’s Poppies

A family story: 94 and an alcoholic after decades without, writes Rude Cactus. One commenter writes: It’s a good reminder that … an alcoholic is never totally in the clear.

There’s your regular relationship and then there’s your backup. What if I’m 40 and want a child? A back up could come in handy, right? From No Sex and the City.

Many were hoping for Balducci’s downtown, but Metrocurean reports that she has learned that Market Salamander is coming to downtown.

Shine Silently, whose blog chronicles his life as a rookie dad, wrote this about the Redskins loss: Now at 0-1, the Redskins travel to Dallas to meet the hated Cowboys. This will be an angry Cowboys team. They lost their opener to Jacksonville and were swept by the Redskins last season …

Heading into last night’s DC mayoral contest, the writer at On the come up…and other musings said her parents couldn’t agree who to vote for. So they have a sign for Adrian Fenty and a sign for Linda Cropp in the front yard, writes the blogger C-dot.